Back Pain and BJJ

see Back pain is an extremely common problem for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners. Rarely a class goes by without someone I know complaining of it to some extent. Jiu Jitsu is a tough activity on the body generally and tends to put a lot of stress on the lower back. Trying to escape certain positions, such as the mount, requires a strong lower back, and getting stacked puts a great deal of tension through the muscles and ligaments attached to the lumbar spine. For this reason it’s hardly surprising that back problems are so common for us.

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“What will mess you up most is the picture in your head of how it’s supposed to be” – Unknown

Jo Ritchie, personal and business coach from Follow Your Bliss, talks to In The Zen Garden readers about how to live a happier life by dropping your expectations and embracing life as it is, not how you believe it ‘should’ be…

How many of us waste hours and hours of every day in our lives picturing how we think things will turn out and then agonising over an imagined outcome that is completely made up in our heads?! I know I am often guilty of this and, towards the end of my recent stay in Bali, I got a painful yet valuable lesson on the need to let go of my expectations (as well as a reminder of why I practice yoga)…

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Yoga – An Art That Promotes Human Flourishing

I stumbled across yoga as a twenty something young man. I was taken to a class by a female friend of mine approx. 15 years ago and my first experience will never leave me.

I remember my first and now late teacher’s words so clearly “Just let go!”. Initially I didn’t understand this command. Let go? What you mean me? I am allowed to do this? How do I do it? Doesn’t this make me weak?

After leaving the class I felt a sense of profound relaxation like I had never felt before. Little did I know but here marked the start of a 15 year love affair with yoga.

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