The power of singing “I discovered singing at the age of 8 after months of unsuccessful speech therapy classes to clear my lisp. Someone had mentioned signing lessons to my mum so we gave it a go. Lo and behold, not only did it help with my speech impediment, I also fell head over heels in love with it.

Every Friday for the next 10 years I would end my school week with an hour of singing. It was the highlight of my week and for that hour I could switch off from everything that had come before and everything that lay ahead. It was just about me and the music.

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Motivational music

Music is a very personal thing. The genre that you like may be fairly fixed, or may vary according to your activity, mood, need for inspiration, even the weather! Below are some motivational tracks, that usually help to lift mood and tap into our creative sides:

Corinne shares her love of music and discusses the health benefits of singing.

When Clare asked me to write a little something about the benefits of singing for a sense of wellbeing, I began to think about it from my own perspective for a while. As a general music teacher at a primary school, singing is part of my job and one would think that job related activities might be less fun than similar activities as a hobby. (We have all heard of that old thing: “I made my hobby into my career and now I can’t stand it”). However, I can honestly say that I feel uplifted and more energised after teaching a singing session, especially if it has gone well. The children must feel it as well at times.

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