Jiu Jitsu – better than dieting

click here Like most women, I’ve felt pressurized at points in my life to be a certain weight, to have a particular look or to act a specific way. Social media can play havoc with your confidence and self-image, and I am constantly thankful that my teenage years were without the minefield of Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter etc, where my every idiotic thought and mistake could be documented for ever more.


The start of New Year is filled with a mele of ads for detox diets that will shrink you to within a wafer of your existence, guarantee a six-pack and make you look gorgeous at the same time. Or you could succumb to one of many promotions for a new sport, where you will suddenly transform into plastic man and be able to eat kale whilst standing on your head with your legs behind your ears.


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Back Pain and BJJ

Back pain is an extremely common problem for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners. Rarely a class goes by without someone I know complaining of it to some extent. Jiu Jitsu is a tough activity on the body generally and tends to put a lot of stress on the lower back. Trying to escape certain positions, such as the mount, requires a strong lower back, and getting stacked puts a great deal of tension through the muscles and ligaments attached to the lumbar spine. For this reason it’s hardly surprising that back problems are so common for us.

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Family Jiu Jitsu

As a parent of 3 kids (ages 11,7 and 4) it can often be tricky to find something that we all enjoy doing together. The eldest is on the cusp of thinking he’s pretty grown up (most days), and the youngest has only just started school. One boy, 2 girls, and again you can run into problems with activities that they can all happily engage in.

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Vitamin D for optimisation of athletic performance

A few years back I noticed that I was overwhelmingly tired, especially for a day or two after training. At the time I was also working 50 hours a week as an Emergency Medic and I attributed my tiredness to this at first. As the weeks went by I decided to get my bloods checked, just to be safe, and was surprised to find out that my Vitamin D levels were very low and that this was, at least partially, responsible for my tiredness.

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Thoughts from the UK number 1 ranked jiu jitsu black belt Oli Geddes


I’ve been training jiujitsu for over 10 years now. I started straight out of university and it has literally shaped my life since then, both as a profession and as a hobby. I’ve seen a huge amount of benefits over the years, but I’m just going to highlight a few here:
Physically – Jiujitsu, trained correctly, can make you more flexible, fitter, stronger and help with either losing or gaining weight depending on your body type. This is possible because it’s both cardiovascular training and resistance training, unlike most other forms of exercise. Whatever your build, jiujitsu will help to make you a better version of yourself.

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