Bubbling Berries (and other adventures with fermented foods)

http://globalautorecyclers.com/junk-my-car/?referral=adwords Belinda Blake, Nutritional Therapist:

Every culture has a tradition of preserving foods, originally born out of necessity and a way of helping to provide foods during times of scarcity.

As a child I watched my mum boil up vast pans of bubbling jams and piquant chutneys to help make the summer and autumn fruits and vegetables last the whole year; a tradition she is still enjoying well into her 70’s.

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How to Combat Cold and Flu

Cold and flu season is well and truly here. As we limp to the end of winter, it seems that a number of bugs have been lurking and are sweeping through schools and work places indiscriminantly. This can result in time off, and at least a week of feeling totally rubbish.

So, is there anything we can do to speed up the recovery process? While there isn’t actually a cure for the common cold, there’s several basic steps that we can all take to improve our health, and hopefully reduce the length of the illness.

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The Hangover…

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isotretinoin purchase uk 2017 is just around the corner! New Year’s Eve is nearly upon us and, for most people, this will go hand in hand with drinking alcohol. As the drinking often goes on well into the small hours, New Year’s Day can frequently start with a hangover, and a list of unlikely resolutions.


Unfortunately no medically proven cure exists. There are many anecdotal stories, but a recent study in the BMJ could find no evidence that any one was scientifically more effective than another. However there are a few simple methods that can help you start the New Year in a more positive way.

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The Mighty Brussels Sprout!

The Brussels sprout has a bit of a bad reputation. It’s the vegetable rolled out annually as part of the Christmas tradition – the one that no-one really seems to like; rather like the slightly difficult family member you really feel ought to be invited.

But…… it’s a little vegetable that packs a mighty punch. It’s full of nutritiously fantastic anti-oxidants as well as being high in fibre. And, cooked in the right way, it can be delicious.

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Essential tips on keeping your brain healthy

‘The brain is like a muscle. When it is in use we feel very good. Understanding is joyous.’

Carl Sagan, the astronomer, likened the brain to a muscle. And as we all know, muscles need good nutrients such as amino acids for them to function well. Children have active brains that grow and develop – not just physically but functionally too as new knowledge is learned (and relearned). The early years are critical for brain development; what children eat affects focus and cognitive skills.

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Winter-proof yourself

Winter can be a demanding time for our bodies. We often have busy schedules, there’s colder weather to contend with, and increased numbers of germs to fight off. So should we accept the inevitable and simply wait for our dose of flu, or is there anything we can do to help our bodies be stronger? The answer is that there is plenty we can do to boost our immune systems and give ourselves a better chance of avoiding, or at least being in better shape to fight off any lurking bugs.

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Important Vitamins and Minerals for Kids

I have been asked by patients on many occasions about the sort of supplements their kids should be taking. It is fairly easy to spend a lot of money on such items these days, and most of the time this is not necessary. Most kids (and adults) will get enough vitamins and nutrients from a healthy balanced diet, and don’t usually need supplementation. There are circumstances, such as ill health and optimisation of athletic performance, when additional vitamins and minerals may be required, but these should always be discussed with your doctor first.

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Vitamin D for optimisation of athletic performance

A few years back I noticed that I was overwhelmingly tired, especially for a day or two after training. At the time I was also working 50 hours a week as an Emergency Medic and I attributed my tiredness to this at first. As the weeks went by I decided to get my bloods checked, just to be safe, and was surprised to find out that my Vitamin D levels were very low and that this was, at least partially, responsible for my tiredness.

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