Sweet Cravings (chocolate is not just for Christmas …)

Why is it so common that women crave chocolate around the time of their periods? A look at the ingredients in chocolate may provide some answers …


http://versusstrengthandconditioning.com/wp-includes/js/jquery/).length,l.html5Clone= Methylxanthines – these include follow theobromine (the ‘Food of the Gods’) and buy Misoprostol india caffeine. Both of these are stimulants and have a direct effect on the nervous system, helping us to feel more alert at a time when many of us feel more tired. Caffeine also helps to relax smooth muscle tissue, so may also help to reduce menstrual cramping. This effect might be further helped by the presence of the mineral magnesium, which not only helps to relax muscles, but also supports better stress management.


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High-intensity interval training without the intense injuries

High intensity exercising has continued to grow in popularity in recent years due to its fat-burning, muscle-building effects. But whilst this form of exercise is great for those who don’t have a lot of time or space, with such an intense workout comes a lot of stress on the body, and more and more people are injuring themselves during their HIIT training.

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How to keep the Reiki bliss going after a treatment!

What are the benefits of Reiki?

Reiki works on different levels- the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – enhancing everything in life. One of the greatest benefits of reiki is stress reduction and relaxation. Often the stress we face in life causes us to have blockages within the body which stops our flow of life-force energy. The mind really does affect the body. Reiki helps to release the blockages and allow the energy to flow freely again.

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Just do it!

Hey Guys!!

My Name is Matt Tibbles… I’m an Ex Army PTI Personal Trainer, Sports Massage Therapist and Professional Athlete. I have 16 years of working as a fitness professional and I LOVE WHAT I DO!!!

If you’re thinking about starting any form of training or martial arts, then stop thinking and JUST DO IT!! It’s changed my life in so many ways that I could probably write another 20 pages on how positive, rewarding and humble it makes you feel. Let’s save that for another day..

My goal now is to continue training and one day achieve my Black Belt in BJJ and open my own martial arts academy where I offer both Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu…..

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What is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal medicine is the world’s oldest medicine and forms part of the most widely practiced primary medical healthcare system, increasing in use and popularity (1).

Medical herbalists use whole plant parts (such as leaves, flowers, berries, bark, roots) as opposed to isolated constituents mostly found in conventional medicine.

The difference is that within the whole plant extract not just the primary constituent but a vast amount of secondary constituents and compounds are present. These exude their effects whilst working synergistically with one another, creating a complex mix of phytochemicals.

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Everyday relaxation

What was the nicest, most relaxing thing you’ve done for yourself today?

How often do you wait until you’re feeling really stressed before making an effort to do something ‘relaxing’?

As our lives become ever more busy, pressured and demanding, it’s all too easy to let the idea of relaxation fall off the radar. Instead we’re constantly on-the-go, trying to stay two tasks ahead of ourselves and forgetting about the essential downtime.

And when we think of ‘relaxation’, we think lying on a tropical beach or a day at a spa – both beautiful scenarios, but perhaps not compatible with our normal day-to-day lives!

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Spotlight on: Coeliac Disease (Part 2)

In our first post about coeliac disease, we discussed how it might present, be diagnosed and how it can be managed. This post is going to focus on 2 very personal journeys of individuals that were diagnosed with coeliac disease and how it’s changed their lives.

Jennifer Esposito, the amazing Hollywood actress (of NCIS and Crash fame to name but a few!) has kindly given us permission to share her story about her long road to being diagnosed with coeliac disease. Jennifer struggled for many years with a multitude of symptoms before being diagnosed. She now runs a highly successful bakery (gluten-free of course!) in New York. Her story can be found here: www.livingfreejennifer.com

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Spotlight on: Coeliac Disease (Part 1)

Our next couple of posts will focus on coeliac disease and we are going to hear from 2 people that had very different experiences of getting diagnosed: Jennifer Esposito, the amazing actress (of NCIS and Crash fame to name but a few!) has kindly given us permission to share her story about her long road to being diagnosed with coeliac disease, and Ali Mortimer shares her story of how her young son was diagnosed after becoming acutely unwell at a very early age.

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My Attempted Escape from Depression – How I cope

Trapped. If I had to describe what depression feels like in one word, that’s the word I would use. It is impossible to put into words just how rubbish this illness feels. It is isolating. It drains out all the energy from you. It seems like it’s impossible to escape from. In many ways, I would say that depression is like being stuck in a small box. With each attempt at trying to get out from the box, the box becomes smaller and smaller. It is truly suffocating.

Depression is way more than just feeling sad. It is a serious medical condition which we all must take seriously. I wish there were some easy cure from it. If only there was some magic trick like saying “donut” three times causing the depression to just disappear. Unfortunately, things are never that simple.

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How to ‘Box’ a Little Happiness

Our nation never stops, except to sleep. We get up a little too late, meaning we have to rush a morning routine to take the daily, stressful commute to work. Our jobs pile endless pressures upon our shoulders with deadlines, difficult customers and competitive colleagues. We return home to family members who want our attention, dinner that needs to be cooked and cleaning that must be done. At the weekend we cram in the rest of our lives, taking time to nurture our home and social lives. Each night we go to bed a little later than we should, causing us to lay in again the next morning, only to begin the daily rush once more. On top of that we face a constant pressure to exercise and eat healthy & nutritious food.

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