Positive and Peaceful

We believe that certain things can help us feel stronger, help our minds be more peaceful, and overall help us to feel more positive and energised. This site explores different techniques, foods and lifestyles that can help you try out new activities or routines, with the main aim being to have a bit of fun!

‘I can try that’

We want to involve ‘normal’ people, with all of their insecurities and doubts, and how we can all try to gently learn some self-compassion. We aim to learn about other individuals and their passions, their creativity and journeys through life, sharing any tips that they might have on health and happiness. And above all, we would like this site to be something that everyone can access, without feeling inferior, and perhaps even give others a little boost to say ‘I can try that!’

Who are We?

We are a group of people who are passionate about health and happiness. Our aim is to share our knowledge with as many people as possible, so that others too can enjoy healthier and happier lives.

Contact us!

We love hearing from you and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right, what we can improve on, or if you would like to share your story with us.